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Their orders were terrifyingly simple -- they just started walking in four different directions, killing everything in their way while chanting "We mourn for the exalted Jabba, we cry for the magnificent Jabba, we grieve for the illustrious Jabba" over and over again until reaching specific predetermined targets that Jabba assumed would probably be responsible for his demise. The wampas are those goat-horned demon ice bears on Hoth, one of which attacks Luke Skywalker and gets its arm sliced off for its trouble although why Luke doesn't just use his impossible laser sword to completely dismember the monster and spend the night in its cave instead of stumbling back out into the blizzard to nearly die of exposure is a mystery that will never be solved. Just to be certain.

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Lucasfilm "If you make it through this, go study with Master Yoda, as you're clearly still a bit of a dipshit. Situations Where Things Go Crazy.

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4 Awesome Scenes You'll Never See in the 'Star Wars' Movies

Mr Samuel Subscribe Unsubscribe Naotoshi Shida Animation Supervisors: According to the expanded universe, he really should've stuck around to finish the job, because when Luke returns to Hoth in the novel Darksaber , that motherfucker comes for him like the shark in Jaws:

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