Stripe size for raid 0

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Chunk sizes must be specified for all RAID levels, including linear mode. However, this only works if the files stored or read are at least as large as an entire stripe. The persistent superblock is mandatory if you want auto-detection of your RAID devices upon system boot.

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A 32 kB chunk-size is a reasonable starting point for most arrays.

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If the chunk-size is 32 kB, it means, that 32 kB of consecutive data will reside on one disk.

RAID Scaling Charts, Part 3: 4-128 kB Stripes Compared

What's remarkable is that, despite using the stopwatch to measure times manually, the results were always either identical, or separated by intervals of. You can download the most recent mdadm tarball at http:

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BPC, Articles and Glossary

Performance Conventional hard drives deliver their best transfer performance when they read or write sequentially, repositioning the heads as little as possible. In fact, this feature is often overrated, as the performance changes are marginal on a typical gaming or office PC. Hopefully your disks start working like mad, as they begin the reconstruction of your array. You have two or more devices, of approximately the same size, and you want to combine their storage capacity and also combine their performance by accessing them in parallel. Updating a parity chunk requires either The original chunk, the new chunk, and the old parity block Or, all chunks except for the parity chunk in the stripe The RAID code will pick the easiest way to update each parity chunk as the write progresses.

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