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There are two ways to go about this. Tidus, on the other hand, comes to see the nobility of sacrifice from the actions of Yuna and her guardians, and when he learns that there is a way to permanently vanquish Sin, but that it will result in him dying as well , he willingly goes ahead with it and gives his own life. They are required to complete a crystal-catching minigame before proceeding to Jecht's location, which is the void that Tidus wound up in after the game's opening battles.

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Nhadala thinks something that strange is happening near the Oasis. She will use Heavenly Strike on you.

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The second time, it's played in a much more melancholy sounding orchestral arrangement over the closing credits, and the lyrics, if you understand Japanese , take on a new, more wistful connotation, both shifts which fit the mood of the ending. Go to a place where the enemies do very little damage, such as Besaid, Kilika, etc.

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She will heal very well. For the Trainer job Paine was originally supposed to carry a snake, but a programmer put the idea away because the animation would be too difficult to pull off.

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It seems she joined the Gullwings because of something that happened in her past. Not by the main cast; their individual talents generally remain useful throughout the game. Then, have her use Focus six to seven times.

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  1. Guardians give their lives to protect their summoner. He's not an especially likable character, but he was backstabbed by his own partner.

  2. When you reach the end of it, you will see four paths, Choose the top-right path and there should be a musician standing at the end. Drag out a simple plot point with unnecessary backstory, save the world you already saved, but this time do it as an emo vampire, and watch the doodles on your junior high math book come to soulless life!