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Joker, still posing as Jack White, blamed Burke for his own daughter's death as he implied that Gotham General, the hospital she staying out prior to meeting Joker and Harley, was not the proper place to check Katie into. Penelope Young, an aspiring therapist who was currently working at Arkham Asylum.

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She still, however, showed a level of dependence on the Joker when Henry Adams behaved similarly to him. After Julian Gregory Day, also known as the serial killer Calendar Man , was arrested by the GCPD with the anonymous help of Batman, Quinzel did a psychological evaluation of the serial killer, and determined that Day was insane and thus could not be executed. Through this friendship, Harley had her immune system strengthened by Ivy, making Harley immune to most toxins.

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Her white makeup was gone, and her eye makeup had been smudged and was running down her cheeks. Young to reveal where Titan was being produced, so they could build their army of Banes. Both costumes demonstrate Quinzel's willingness to use her sexuality as a weapon to get what she wants and also to make the Joker happy as he often engaged in sex with her as a means of distraction. Her clothing consisted of a white shirt, with a purple and red corset over it, as well as a black choker necklace. Hammer, Harley told him to stop, and said that Joker wanted her to suffer a bit more while she ordered the thugs to go capture Mr.

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  1. She later was escorted by a "guard" actually Deadshot in disguise through Arkham over to the Junction box, although they nearly hit a snag in the plan when it was revealed that Joker was being kept in the isolation cell.